Woman who woke up paralysed says dogs saved her life and now brings her medicine

Alison Skillin’s pooch Monk, a Japanese Shiba Inu Akita, wears a MedicAlert ID tag and is even trained to call 999 if she needs help

Service dogs are being championed in Parliament by a woman who knows just what they can do.

Alison Skillin, who woke up paralysed following complications with double pneumonia, credits her three loyal pets with saving her life.

She told how the dogs helped her to walk again and regain her independence.

The 42-year-old’s latest dog Monk, a Japanese Shiba Inu Akita, now brings her the medicine she needs, lets her know when appliances are left on and is even trained to call 999 if she needs help.

He wears a MedicAlert ID tag, which contains Alison’s medical records.

Alison, who also suffers from painful fibromyalgia, praised Monk while paying tribute to her previous service dogs, Alaskan Malamute Icy and British timber dog Bear.

Alison, from Clackmannanshire, near Stirling, said: “I really owe my life to my dogs.

“I speak regularly in the English and Scottish parliaments on the value of service dogs in helping those with long-term medical conditions.”

It comes as a greyhound that gave rare blood to help save up to 88 other dogs has retired after six years.

Woodie first donated when he was three and has given a total of 22.

Owner Wendy Gray, of Melton Mowbray, Leics. said: “To know he has helped out in distressing situations is amazing.”

Pet Blood Bank UK said each 450ml donation can help four dogs and called Woodie a superstar.

Greyhounds are among only 30% of dogs with negative blood – which can go to any breed in an emergency.