Woman’s £30 meal at London’s £1.2bn Shard is so bad people can’t tell what it is

A customer said she visited a restaurant at The Shard, but did not reveal its name. She shared a photo of her small meal on Twitter, leaving social media users thoroughly confused

A woman has shared a photo of her £30 meal at London’s tallest skyscraper – and it is so bad that people can’t tell what it is supposed to be.

The image was posted on Twitter earlier this week, leaving social media users in hysterics.

The customer said she visited a restaurant at The Shard, but did not reveal its name.

She published a photo showing a small portion of food, with some chips on the side.

In the caption, she wrote: “Guys look at my £30 meal i got at the shard.”

The photo left people confused, with many saying they could not understand what the meal was.

A person commented: “Is that chicken or a baked potato? I’m confused.”

Another added: “What is that.”

The woman then explained it was chicken and that the fries were not included in the meal, but she had to pay £5 extra for them.

She also wrote: “Everyone asking what i got for my main, that is my main.”

A Twitter user replied: “You were robbed! What on earth was it? Looks like half a stuffed sprout, some dry toast and a blob of hp sauce.”

One more tweeted: “There’s more plate than food.”

But another person told the customer: “Do you understand how much a building like the Shard costs to build, how much property is inside it and how limited the space is?

“You could have looked at the menu before. Obviously, you’re going to be paying a premium. No one forced you to go there.”

There are six restaurants and bars in The Shard, offering fine meals as well as panoramic views across the city.

The skyscraper, located in London Bridge, was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano and cost £1.2bn to build.

Standing at 309.6 metres tall, The Shard is the tallest building in the UK and the sixth tallest building in Europe.

It is a popular destination for tourists and locals who enjoy heights, with many going to the top floors, from 69 to 72 – named The View from The Shard – during their visit.